All Saints’ Sunday – November 3

Join us this Sunday, November 3rd for a special service honoring the saints that have gone before us and paved the way of faith that we walk each day. The Martha Bassett Trio will be playing for our Holy Jazz Brunch and will take part in our service. Please be aware of our special schedule:Continue reading “All Saints’ Sunday – November 3”

Nursery Renovation Complete

The nursery renovation that has been going on for the last year is now officially completed! Everyone is invited to come on by and see the finished work. Our hope is that our children will be comfortable and safe in this space, and that it will provide them a place to grow spiritually and emotionallyContinue reading “Nursery Renovation Complete”

Our CDC has 5 Stars!!

Once again the child development center has received a 5-star rating by the state of North Carolina’s licensing establishment.  This 5-star status signifies high standards and achievement in two main areas: program and staff education.  Most church sponsored centers do not request this type of evaluation and assessment simply because the standards are too difficultContinue reading “Our CDC has 5 Stars!!”

Coming up this week

This week’s schedule: Wednesday, October 9 5:00pm    Handbells 5:30pm    Family Meal 6:30pm    Bible Study 6:30pm    RAs, GAs, Mission Friends 6:30pm    Inbreaking 7:30pm    Chancel Choir Rehearsal 7:30pm    In Touch Thursday, October 10 12:00n     B-Friendly 1:00pm    Prayer Time 5:30pm    Kids Café Friday, October 11 Saturday, October 12 All Day    Soccer Tournament 5-8pm      Nueva Vision-YC Sunday, October 13Continue reading “Coming up this week”