The Deacon Election Process for 2015-2016

DEACON ELECTIONS UPDATE: 10-25-15  A list of eligible and willing nominees: The following individuals have agreed to serve, if elected, as Deacons for 2016 – 2018:                 Ted Benfield                 Carol Collins                 Lydia Fitzgerald                 David Hill                 Norman Iman                 Clarence Lambe Jr                 Geoff Martin                Continue reading “The Deacon Election Process for 2015-2016”

“For Heaven’s Sake!”

Join us this Sunday, August 23rd, for PROMOTION SUNDAY! All rising students will meet in their new classrooms this Sunday. Sunday School begins at 9:15a.m. After Sunday School we will meet in the Sanctuary for our Blended Worship Service, This wonderful service will be led by Dr. Steve Martin and it begins at 10:30am. WeContinue reading ““For Heaven’s Sake!””

Gypsy Soul

Members of our Romania Mission Team, who traveled to Romania July 11-19, are presenting meaningful stories and personal experiences from their mission trip. You will hear how they shared lessons about Jesus Christ primarily to Roma children. Please consider joining us Sunday, August 16th at 7pm in the Sanctuary for this special service! Gypsy SoulContinue reading “Gypsy Soul”