The Deacon Election Process for 2015-2016


UPDATE: 10-25-15

 A list of eligible and willing nominees:

The following individuals have agreed to serve, if elected, as Deacons for 2016 – 2018:

                Ted Benfield

                Carol Collins

                Lydia Fitzgerald

                David Hill

                Norman Iman

                Clarence Lambe Jr

                Geoff Martin

                Ruth McCandless

                Rick Murray

The Election Team will conduct the Vote in the Fellowship Hall on 11/8/15. Following the vote, the Election Team will announce the seven Deacons for 2016 service.  Congregation  members unable to vote on Sunday, 11/8/15 may submit a ballot to the Church Office prior to 3 p.m. Friday, 11/6/15.

Deacon Election will be held on November 8, 2015

Absentee Ballot Voting ends November 6, 2015


Attend deacon meetings

Serve on one or more deacon ministry teams

Participate in all deacon training activities

Participate in visitation activities

Perform Deacon of the Week duties

Be a leader in attendance, tithing, & spiritual gifts

Participate in daily Bible study

Participate in daily prayer time

Be an active member of a Sunday School class

Be faithful in supporting & praying for the Pastor, church staff, lay leadership, and unity of the church.

Consider yourself, at all times, a servant of the church.  Deacons, with the pastor and as the Holy Spirit may direct, are to consider and make recommendations to the church in all matters pertaining to the church’s work and progress, including oversight of the church, and establishing and maintaining spiritual relations with all members of the church. 

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