We’re about to begin a year-long study on SEPTEMBER 25TH  called, The Thread

The Thread is a bible study that provides a unique and contextual understanding of scripture.

The Gospel Thread finds an amazing path through both history and scripture.

Come join us, this year as we embark upon this wonderful story together.

Week 1– 9-25-19- “The Story“-John 5: 31-40, I John 1:1-4

Week 2-10-2-19-“In The Beginning…” Genesis 1: 1-2:3, John 1: 1-4

Week 3 : 10-9-19, “Sin and The Fall” Genesis 2: 5-17,Genesis 3:1-24, Romans 5:18-21

Week 4: 10-16-19-“The Faith  and Power of Sin “

GENESIS 6:9-22, 7:11-24, 8:13-19, 9:8-17 and Matthew 26:26-29      

The Thread- “Abraham and the Birth of the People” -week 5

Genesis 12:1-5a, Genesis 15, Genesis 21:1-7

The Thread- “The Offering” week 6

Genesis 22:1-19; John 3:16

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