CDC Programs

The First Baptist Child Development Center operates weekdays from 6:30am to 6:00pm. Lunch, morning, and afternoon snacks are provided, as well as limited transportation for school-aged children. Contact us at : 336-993-8371 for more information.


Care is taken to work with children according to recognized standards for childcare and early education.  We seek to promote creativity, to expose children to learning through Bible, Art, Music, Block Building, Large & Small Muscle Activities, Science, Social Awareness, Health & Safety, Field Trips & Visitors, Water & Sand Play, and Self-help Skills (routines).  We want to help them learn values and ideals through being exposed to Christian beliefs and be the person God intended for each of them.  The emotional, social, physical, and intellectual development for each child is the major goal of the staff.  In other words, the total personal development, according to his/her individual abilities and needs, is our primary concern. We use the HIGH/SCOPE Curriculum, and we correlate Christian teaching with education.
~ rooms are arranged in activity centers
~ free play activities, when children have freedom to choose activities and playmates
~ periods of active play are followed by periods of quiet or rest
~ balance between self-directed and adult-guided activities
~ opportunities for group experiences, one-to-one interaction experiences, and time alone
~ encouragement to participate in activities but not forced
~ outdoor activities daily, weather permitting. Vigorous indoor activities are provided when children cannot go outdoors.
Ages served: The CDC serves children ages two through five years old.  Children must be potty trained.  Children will be grouped by age and development and will advance as they reach birth dates and/or developmental stages.

Before and After School

The CDC will provide childcare according to recognized standards in licensing and early education practices.  We believe that since children have spent the day in formal schooling that after school should be a time when children’s activities are non-competitive and self-directed.  We also provide time each day for group discussion and cooperative learning activities.  Our goal is to promote children’s creativity through art and dramatic play and provide a non-competitive atmosphere for play and large motor activities.  We want them to learn values by being exposed to Christian beliefs.  The total personal development of each child according to his/her individual abilities and needs is the major goal of the staff.
Ages served: The CDC service children in kindergarten through fifth grade (ages 5-12).  The children will be grouped by school grades.