CDC Rates and Fees

Child Development Center Rates, Tuition, and Fees

Registration $35/year (Preschool) Payable upon entering & May of each year
$35/year (School age) Payable upon entering & May of each year
$35/summer (School age) Payable in February of each year
Last Two Weeks Advance Fee $278 – Preschool

$144 – School age

Payable prior to enrollment or in equal payments over first month
Tuition $139/week Preschool Payable weekly or every two weeks on Friday prior to
$72/week School age the week of service. Monthy payments paid on the first
$139/week summer – school age day of each month. All accounts must be paid in
Late Payment Fee $12/occurrence Charged on Tuesday at 12:00pm
SA Intercession Fee $14/day Charges as used
 SA Early Dismissal  $7/per day extra Charges as used
Activity Fees $20/month Preschool Payable the first day of the month
$22 in February and October- school age Payable the first day of February and the first day of October
$115/summer school – school age Payable the first day of April
Late Pick Up $12 from 6:01 to 6:15pm Sign late pick up slip the evening of occurrence
$24 from 6:16 to 6:30pm agreeing to pay the fee the next week.
Will continue to rise in increments
of $12 per 15 minutes’ time
Return Check Fee $30/occurrence

Full tuition will be charged each week, except for the following times:

A parent may choose one week per year (January – December) at half tuition, if your child attends one day or less during that week (example – during a week at Christmas, your child only attends one day or doesn’t come at all one week during the summer. Your tuition will be half the normal rate.)

Please inform us in advance when you plan on using your half-tuition week.

New students must attend for four months to use their vacation week.

Our budget runs on a calendar year from January 1st through December 31st. Therefore, we do maintain the option of raising tuition fees in the middle of the school year.

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