Ministry opportunities abound at First Baptist Kernersville. In addition to creative ministries, music ministries, senior adult ministries, and special needs ministries, various Deacon-led teams organize our congregation into areas of service. There is a place for everyone at FBC Kernersville.

Ministry Teams – These teams have a lot of variety and there is a place for everyone. Find where your gifts are and use them in service to others in our community.

Mission Groups – Mission groups are organized for all ages and help everyone learn about missions as well as get involved directly.

Children – Children are a large part of the church and their presence is cherished and honored through the many programs and experiences we offer.

Youth – Youth grow and develop a lot through the teen years, and our youth program is designed to help them walk beside God as they go through middle school and high school.

Adult – In case you haven’t found your niche quite yet, see what else is available for our adult members.

Kids First – This is an amazing opportunity of outreach and service for the children in our immediate community. Let us know if you’d like to be involved!

Senior Adult Ministries – Get to know our senior adult ministries including get togethers at various times of the month for fellowship and community building.

Music and Worship – Worship is a central part of our experience as a church, so take a look at the opportunities available to help shape the worship expression of our community. All gifts are welcome!

Child Development Center – Looking for an affordable child care option? Check out our Child Development Center’s rates and availability.

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