Ministry Teams

Our Deacons are spiritual leaders within the church, and operate on a Gift-based Ministry model. The teams developed out of this model are designed to meet the needs of our community as well as help individuals discover the way they minister best. If you are interested in getting involved with any team, please see a Deacon or staff member and they will help you connect with the team leaders.

Crisis Team – Team focuses on church members needing assistance in dealing with unexpected emergencies or occurrences not involving hospitalization or long-term care.  Examples include death, chronic illness, and loss of job, transfer, divorce, and empty-nest.  Assistance includes phone calls, visit, temporary relief for care givers, information on available resources (support groups, referral services), transportation or meals.

Homebound, Nursing, and Assisted Living Team – Team focuses on the needs of individuals in area nursing homes, assisted living facilities and homebound. Duties include visits, cards, and phone calls. With participation of deacon leaders, communion services are also available for those unable to attend services at church.

New Member Team – Team focuses on welcoming new members to FBC and assisting them in becoming an integral part of church life.  Team duties include locating appropriate Sunday school classes, providing information on church activities for various family members, and detailing organizations at FBC of interest to new members.

Hospitalization Team – Team supports church members or their families who are hospitalized for injury or sickness or who are receiving care at some other rehabilitation facility.

Handyman Team – Team coordinates and performs odd jobs, repair/ maintenance for members of congregation needing assistance.  Duties may also include providing supervision and/or labor on church projects such as the live nativity program and/or other ministry efforts.

Transportation Team – Team arranges or provides transportation to church members who need rides to doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, shopping, church services, etc.

Outreach Team – Team will serve as first contact with the community and will coordinate local mission work. The team will also promote and organize events and activities that seek to extend the gospel to unsaved and unchurched people.

Meals Team – Team is responsible for providing and coordinating meals for members of congregation requiring such assistance due to sickness, death, etc.

Membership Renewal Team – Team focuses on inactive members and infrequent attendees who are members of First Baptist Church.

Prayer Team – Team is responsible for the support of church activities, and the support of special needs of the church and its congregation, through prayer. Team members may organize prayer groups for regular meetings and in times for special needs.

Spiritual Formations Team –  The team will nurture, encourage, educate the fellowship in their spiritual journey and lead them toward a deeper understanding of faith practices. This will be done by working with new members and offering to the fellowship at large on going educational opportunities.

Staff Appreciation Team – Team organizes celebration of church staff special occasions and/or anniversaries.

Deacon Fund – Only active Deacons are members of this Team. Its purpose is to financially assist people who have short term financial needs, either church member or non-member.

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